Monday, August 24, 2009

From Dick Smith '54

"A Japanese chorus touring our country gave a concert at Woolsey Hall, circa 1975. We put one of the students up at our house for two days, returning, in kind, the favor extended to me by a Dutch family during the Glee Club tour of Europe in 1954".

"Afterwards, he and I exchanged music - I gave him a Yale songbook and he gave me a piece of sheetmusic from their program that night, which he laboriously copied by hand - notes, tempi and dynamic markings and wors in both English and Japanese. Teh ong is beautiful. I get choked up when I hum it to myself. I learned that singing will deliver a message from the heart in any language".

Dick sent a copy of the music to the Glee Club office and it will be kept here. He hopes that if YAC or YGC ever tours Japan, it would be wonderful to sing the song for them. (SM)

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