Friday, July 24, 2009


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  1. (From Tom Bauer '58) One of the most memorable Glee Club events of our '58 tour of Europe took place in Visby on the island of Gotland (Monday, July 7th). The previous evening we had been welcomed by a torchlit parade, and exchanged choral greetings between dock and ship, a memorable experience in itself. But at the concert in the Cathedral, Fenno looked up expecting to conduct his composition "The People Will Live On," and whispered to us, "Where is John Maxim ?"- the soloist of the work. Someone said "He was at the hotel taking a nap an hour ago." Fenno whispered in a tone of extreme exasperation, "Go back there and get him, quick!" Then he turned to the full Cathedral audience, and said in that calm, urbane tone that was his usual public face, "There will be a slight change in the order of the program; we will next sing....(I forget what.)" About ten minutes later a breathless John appeared near the back row, and the concert moved on to a conclusion of enthusiastic program waving by the assembled multitude, since it was considered impolite to applaud in the Cathedral.